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  • Re: Wheel Horse tractor
    Back in the late 60's I spent a bunch of my teenage summer days with my butt planted in the tractor seat of a 60's 12 hp Wheel Horse.

    I've had several of my own lawn tractors since and none hold a candle to that machine. What a hoss it was.

  • Re: Wheel Horse tractor
    i wud just wonderin whut happened ta you. .

    I've been sort of absent too. I doubt many missed me though.  :-)
    I went to someone's house the other day and on the piano was the mu…

  • Re: Wheel Horse tractor
    Hey that's cool, the first part of those songs are the same, never realized that!

    The old tractor is in really good shape.  I'm looking forward to playing with it.   

    I have a fondness for the Wheel Horse brand.  My dad and uncles had several of them g…

  • Re: Hold Whatcha Got
    Yep, key of F.  I've always liked the song.  Jimmy doesn't do it real fast.  I've heard it done faster.  I't be hard to play that lick on the banjo if it was too fast!

    The banjo break in the video is a little different than than the recording.  I'm pre…

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  • Re: Life after death
    How true…….  it's hard to accept until it happens to you and you know then, that you know what it's all about.
  • Re: EMG test
    Mine was a herniated disc at the base of my neck (C5 if I remember right), result of a gym accident, that showed up clearly on an x-ray. It was crushing the nerves that went to my right arm/hands. Other than a monster stiff neck from hell, our right ha…
  • Re: EMG test
    oh. .dun't do that Barb. .

    when crap happens ta me. .

    i just shout . .

    GOOD! TIMES. .!!"

  • Re: EMG test
    Yes, the are is still going numb but everyone agrees it's "positional".  Whenever I lean forward, something is getting compressed in my neck & I get the numbness.  When I stand up after sitting for a while, I not only get the numbness but I also get sh…
Jul 222015

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  • Re: EMG test
    just. . where . .
    do thay hook thos up on ya . . !

    DEAN. . .  ?

  • Re: EMG test
    So the MRI is next? I hope you get to the bottom of all this! Have you gone to the chiropractor yet? Don't be alarmed if the Chiro hooks you up to some electrodes… but those will feel ohhhh sooo good!
  • Re: Life after death
    Quick story…a very pregnant friend of mine called me to tell me her Mom was killed in a car accident.  I had to sell her a grave & she said how much her mother was looking forward to this baby.  Fast forward a few months…she was in a rocking chair …
  • Re: EMG test
    I should have done a pinky swear.  :BangHead:
Jul 212015

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  • Colonoscopy Song
    To the tune of John Prine's "DEAR ABBY"

    Dear Abby, Dear Abby,
     I'll tell you what's what!
    The Doc shoved a flashlight
    Way up my gal's butt. :bug eyes:
    I don't mind him doin' it,
    But that's a surrr-prise!
    I thought 'twas my LOVE
    put the glow in her ey…

  • Re: EMG test
    So, now that you've been through it, tell us:

    Does EMG stand for
    "Eww My Gosh, that hurts!"  ?

  • Re: make your own tools?
    Brian. . .

    go watch tha. .Red Green show. . .

    i love commin up whid new ideas. . (mostly just improovements )

    i'm just not that good at. .intaplentin 'em. .

  • Re: EMG test
    well Barb. . .

    that one can 't hurt ya nomores. .

    it's done. .

Jul 192015

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  • Re: Zero Glide
    From the Wikipedia article…

    It serves one of the functions of a nut: holding the strings the correct distance above the other frets on the instrument's fretboard. A separate nut is still required to establish the correct string spacing when a zer…

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