Oct 242014

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  • Re: Out of Touch for a Time
    Outah touch..?

    we ..
    Understand .. ;0)

  • Out of Touch for a Time
    I am in Guayaquil, Ecuador as I write this.
    In 2 days I will be in Peru, so I don't know how much access I will have to the net. I'll stop in the holler whenever I have the chance.
    Have Fun And behave while I am gone. :smile:
  • Re: Key changes at jams
    I'm resurrecting an old thread today.  Need some banjo discussion!!

     :hooded smiley:

    My Brown Eyed Darling

    I ran across this on Facebook today posted on one of the bluegrass pages.

    Here's an exa…

Oct 232014

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Oct 202014

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  • Re: A little Autumn Trip
    Beautiful country.  Great pics. Thanks for sharing. 


  • Re: QE II
    That's good news.  Glad to hear you are healing well.
  • Re: A little Autumn Trip
    How grand Ron,  I hate that we had to leave so early as they were starting to get good when we did. Colo has to be one of the prettiest states in the union, I said "one of", there are plenty more also but I'm partial to Colorado…    :sleighride…
  • Re: A little Autumn Trip
    When I took the photos, I was on my way to a industry meeting. I chose not to fly, but to drive through the Rockies to the meeting in Las Vegas. The trip was so nice that I never made it to the meeting. And, I don't feel the least bit guilty. :evilgrin…
Oct 182014

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  • QE II
    Things continue to slowly improve. I've been doing my exercises and the pinky continues to become more flexible. It's nice to be able to put on a glove and grip the steering wheel properly.

    I wrote this few years back. I wanted to write an Alberta blu…

Oct 162014

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  • Re: bison
    The earliest known example of this "Cattle Guards" legend was collected in 1995.
    A story can be funny, without being the least bit true.
    And a story which casts a bad light upon a person with whom you disagree might be believed without fact-checking, b…
  • Re: bison
    Neat pix Ron of the wagon ruts…..  we also have encountered the bison in Custer State Park in South Dakota. It is somewhat iffy if one of them decided to decide we were pestering them… LOL
    Sharon was on the back of the bike and the camerawoman… …
  • Re: A bittersweet weekend
    opps.. my bad   :laughing:

    good looking kid/kid's

  • Re: bison
    I will accept hair augmentation of any kind, from any type of critter. :smile: :Giggly: