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Sep 012015

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Aug 302015

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  • Re: More landlord problems
    Overhere Mike the bond is usually refunded when the last person on the contract leaves.  Myself and two others rented a place a few years ago and when someone left the other two would pay their share of the bond back to them.  Last person standing woul…
  • More landlord problems
    Again, with LANDLORD questions.

    Rented the place to 3 people.
    One of them is moving out, and wants her 1/3 of the security deposit returned.

    I'm pretty sure I made it clear that the enntire security deposit would be returned when the last of the 3 has …

Aug 272015

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  • Re: Banjo Funny
    i understand that ya need ah speichal. , permit. . .

    ta possess. . ah banjo capahbull. .

    of full automatic. .
    Rock.n.Roll. . . . .

  • Re: Banjo Funny
    Now, THAT is frightening!
    Who knows how he will use it.
  • Re: Bluegrass
     :twiddle thumbs:   Makes sense to me     :CooCoo:   When we play in Bb  I ask if its alright if I play in A# cause I hate to be Flat   :musical notes:
  • Re: Banjo Funny

    I thought the last one was very funny.  /\ :laughing:
                                                            I thought it was funny also :) someone posted it on my FB .

Aug 262015

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  • Re: Banjo Contest
  • Re: Quiet
    My picking buddy here at the campground headed back to Missouri the other week, he should be back up towards Kansas City by now…. I'll shoot him the Back 40 thing..  He has helped my confidence quite a bit and helped sort of force me to put in come b…
  • Re: April Fools?
     :bug eyes:   Its not banjo  :Giggly:  LOL
  • Re: Banjo Contest
     :scared:   Poor banjo , They should try doing that with a stand up bass    :excited: