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Apr 182014

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  • Re: how hard was it to find a band to play with?
    Keith, I would suggest getting out there and jamming.  Especially if your playing bluegrass.  Most bluegrass folks are approachable, and will offer help and advice if asked.  I don't know the folk crowd, but I would assume they are helpful also.   Some…
  • Re: Yet Another Lurker Turned Joiner
    Very nice work on your banjo!
    Welcome to our banjo family. I have learned a lot here and wish I had more time to spend on the site.


  • Re: Stabbins…lately..
    Annahone ..know whut tha motahvaytion..
    Of tha guy who stabbed 5  people ta death whud.?

    tha News has kinda …dropped tha story…here..

  • Re: Yet Another Lurker Turned Joiner
    So much good stuff here.  I'll be wasting some good time here I'm sure.  Thank you all.
Apr 172014

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Apr 162014

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  • Re: Stabbins…lately..
    The HARD part is learning and teaching  empathy.

    People who have empathy, people who emotionally connect to other people, are far less likely to bully them, rob them, stab them, shoot them, or harm them in any deliberate way.

    But, many of us  tend to h…

  • Re: Stabbins…lately..
    Whut gits ta me..id..why all this killin..?

    Gun…knife..no matter..
    Btw..i hear ya on tha news reports..or lack of ..

  • Re: Wanted: Blog ideas
     :excited:  Blog Cabin  :excited:
  • Re: Stabbins…lately..
    They don't really want people to register their knife's . So they don't really care as much .
Apr 152014

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  • Re: Banjo Funny
    Love it…..  :very happy:
  • Re: Thermal Breakdown recordings
     :sleighride:  What a good ride Todd,,,   I've enjoyed them all so far. I need to get out there and do some yard work and will finish listening to the rest this evening….

    We've got a very pretty day here today and I gotta do some work….


  • Re: Wanted: Blog ideas
    My opinion, for what it's worth, is that tips on maintenance and setup for acoustic instruments would be very helpful. To keep it interesting, the "Road Stories" recommended by Barbie and mentioned by MikeR would add some zing to the site.


  • Re: Wanted: Blog ideas
    I enjoy any kind of "road stories".  I also like when musicians share stories of "what went wrong" while they were performing. 
Apr 142014

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  • Re: I can read it just fine…..
    Welcome back, Arkansas Traveler.  (hey that sounds like a song!)

    Glad you got to do some picking, that's always fun. :banjo:

  • Re: Slowly but surely..
    When I got my prize for the 2000th post, I thought that was so thoughful.
    I later realized that the AARP Card was unpaid and my prize would cost me $$

     :( that was like getting the e-mail letter from the Nigerian King trying to give me 4.3 million…

  • Re: I can read it just fine…..
    Hey Todd,

    yeah, took the banjo and the campground host came up with his guitar. He was 70 and has been learning the guitar so we sat there and played some. He could not hear the chord changes with the banjo so we did some chording together until he got…

  • Re: Banjo Funny
    and no one plays a juice harp, or, have they all been muted also?   :laughing:
    but wait  :stop:

    Bob Burns and his bazooka  http://arkansasroadstories.com/burns.html

Apr 132014

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  • Re: how hard was it to find a band to play with?
    I must go back many years, but my playing with a band came about from hanging around a local, acoustic music store.
    I was a regular at the Old Town Pickin' Parlor on Saturday mornings back in the 1990s. That put me in contact with other amateur player…
  • Re: how hard was it to find a band to play with?
    I dunno dude….

    I just pick whid friends..

    Me..meself…n… I….

    Yep…tha ..Me,owe….Trio…

  • how hard was it to find a band to play with?
    just a curious question here. how many of you play in a band and how long did it take you to find one to play with? where I live, bluegrass musicians are pretty much nonexistent. the best I can hope for is getting an invite to play "wagon wheel" with t…
  • Re: Sailing to Ullapool
    As always Ian, Thank You.  I truly enjoy your playing. 
Apr 112014

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  • Re: Making practice time beneficial
    A rhythm background can be very helpful.
    If you use a timing devise like a metronome, be prepared to be shocked! I couldn't believe how poorly I stayed in time until I used a metronome. I was all over the place in timing, playing faster during phrases …
  • Re: Kaiser Quick Change Capo vs. Shubb Capo
    I dunno…

    Tha change id very suttel..put tha kyser..on tha top of thahead stock..

    Pluck ah string…
    N  just swing tha capo while it id still clipped to tha headstock..back.n.forth..beteen..tha..3rd n 2nd..string tuners..

    See if you can hear it…

  • Re: Making practice time beneficial
    I'm not a frailer, as y'all know I play Scruggs style, and I'm sure hippy is offering you some good advice.

    But I thought I'd put in my 2 cents on timing;

    IMO, timing is THE most important thing in playing bluegrass, and from what little I know, it's i…

  • Re: Making practice time beneficial
    I pick 3 finger style and old time up picking style. Both have the thumb flying around all the time. So taming my thumb is a major challenge for me when I frail. I find that nothing matters for me what I do with my left hand until I get that right hand…
Apr 102014

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  • Re: New guy from Middle TN
    Fig, Tyler is learning frailing style, I believe, so my videos won't likely be of much help.

    But thanks fer the plug! :thanks:

    And thank you, Miss Barbie fer the  :idea:.  He's going to be seen a lot most likely. 

    And I like the Easter ones too.

  • Re: home brew banjo mute
    I just saw this. I think the only part of Mike's that you could reuse would be the thick bar part. It's not really the right shape to be used like the Wright.
    I made my own copy of Mike's mute. It works fine. The hardest part was the part that fits und…
  • Re: Kaiser Quick Change Capo vs. Shubb Capo
    I have a Shubb and a few Kaisers. My Shubb is not as easy to put on as the kaiser that I can do with one hand. I like that I can put the kaiser on the head stock when not in use.

    "Also…if ya have ah jo whid ah lot of sustain..
    Ya can git ah neet aff…

  • Re: Making practice time beneficial
    Play slowly. Concentrate on developing a clean strike of the string. Work on being able to hit any string clearly while maintaining the rhythm. Work on keeping the thumb on the 5th string. don't let it fly. (my biggest frailing challenge) Do the motion…