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  • Re: No new members
  • Fitbit
    Dean mentioned Fitbit in his post.  Does anyone else have one?  I got mine for Christmas & it really turned out to be pretty cool.  It's been too cold & snowy to walk outside but I can't wait until the nicer weather to really challenge myself.
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    It's not that people don't want to join but because of the spammers, no one can join.  It's up to the powers that be to make any changes so for now we're stuck with each other.  :hug:
  • Re: Reuben – Robby Boone
    I always liked the song Reuben.  Tony Trischka did a cool version.
Mar 272015

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  • Re: No new members
    Had this discussion before.  It's a good point though, and something I've wondered about for quite sometime myself.  I agree with jwood and what he says.

    I appreciate The Holler, the folks that keep it going, and the members that do post.  It's a great…

  • Re: Guitar Funny
    I'm not familiar with Mason Williams.  I'll have to look him up on the web. 

    I just ran across this pic of the guitar aquarium.   Is this the same one he played?

  • Re: Stonehenge Redux
    Got to watch it finally.  That is sure interesting.  Makes you wonder how he did all that.
  • Re: No new members
    This id ah good friendly site…

    Guess I would like ah small group of folks..
    That are nice..

    Than ah big bunch..of folks..
    Whid bad apples mixed in..

    Whut gits this site would allow..some of tha silly folly..that goes on at utters..

    Whidout pen…

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