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  • Re: Guitar Funny
    This was posted on Facebook.

    "A woman is on trial for beating her husband to death with his guitar collection.  Judge says, 'First offender?'  She says, 'No, first a Gibson!  Then a Fender!'"


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  • Re: Can anyone translate this?
    The way it's set up, politicians need FUNDUING to run a campaign to get NOMINATED.
    Which means that the TOP 2% ( folks and the corporations and the special interest groups  with the $$)  get to support their candidates, which then creates a pool from w…
Apr 222015

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    I hear talk of limiting them to one string! :scared:
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    I am aghast! An assault banjo!
    Remember when a fellow in Ohio (If I recall) bludgeoned someone to death with two banjos?!
    My wife had me on a 5 day waiting period with a background check before I could buy another banjo.
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    This would contradict the "Peace, Love & Bluegrass"  I reckon.
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Apr 202015

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Apr 172015

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  • Cool!
    It's a tent.  I think that's cool.  I don't know anything about it though.  I wonder if other types of vehicles are available.  Requires more research I reckon.  :ponder:
  • Re: King Banjo
    That's different isn't it? 

    I'd like to test drive one of those and hear it in the flesh.  I think the light weight design is cool.   The only thing I wonder about is the using the fine tuners on the tailpiece with your right hand.  You'd have to pick…

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    This is getting scary… 

    hide your eyes Ethel.. [URL=http://s946.photobucket.com…

Apr 162015

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  • Re: Oh Brother!
    Harlan didn't have a beard in the film… below is a younger harlan, he's on the right holding the guiar's neck..
    In the other picture he's the preacher that just dunked Delmar..
  • Re: Oh Brother!
    Is this him, between scenes?

    Couldn't find an image which shows a fellow with the beard in your picture.
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    My buddy Harlan Powell on the left, Harlan was the preacher that did the Baptizing
    in the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".   I did prison ministry with him for @
    10 years. Harlan was from over @ Yazoo City Ms and surrouning area. He use to go
    to Nash…
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    What I found most interesting about the sound track were the beliefs about it. Apparently it was a shot in the arm for bluegrass banjo even tho there is no bluegrass whatsoever on the album and I think only one song even has banjo in it.

    But if you ask…