May 242017

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  • Re: This kid is having a great time!
    I especially like the low twang.
    Any of you ear experts care to confirm whether or not that's a standard gDGBD tuning?
  • Last possible grasp at the last possible straw.
    About a year ago, I admitted that I am NOT the right person to own a dog.

    Especially THIS over-reactive, snapping, barking  hound.

    A VERY nice dog, unless she sees a stranger or anothjer dog.
    Then, it's NUTTY TERROR Time.

    I admitted this to the fourth …

  • Re: Awful Bills….
    My dog sat up and paid attention.
    So, you've got TWO fans in this town.
May 212017

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  • Re: Awful Bills….
    Next i will probly put sound holes in his guitar.,

    This one is very promissin acoostickly….

  • Re: Awful Bills….
    I just like makin these things… :fishing:

    Creativity is ah thing that i allways…need to keep up..
    Learning the mecanicks,..of these guitars .. n..puttin them together..
    N havin them makin a pleasin sound is very rewardin.,….

  • Re: Awful Bills….
    Are you giving the "Squared Eel" a run for it's money?  Looks like a fun instrument Al!!
  • Re: Awful Bills….
    Been havin ah ball buildin ..n..playin these little 4 string geetars…!  :elvis:
May 162017

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  • Re: New stage in life
    Sounds like …good news Mike…
    But this is commin from ah guy
    Who's hoppin ta git cut..
    In half….  :wonky:
  • Re: How do you say goodbye.
    Sorry to see this Barry,

    Here praying for your family, and thinking of your loss.

  • Re: New stage in life
    Here is the latest if you are not on my facebook….  day by day I guess….

    UPDATE:  Just got home from Cancer surgeon. Operation went good, he removed 25 lymph nodes and only one had cancer in it. The tumor removed and some surrounding tissues too. G…