Dec 192014

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Dec 182014

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  • Re: Neat Banjo video
    If he does I hope he doesn't cry too loud...
  • Re: Bocephus on the banjo.
    He does pretty good.  There was a spot or two that could be smoothed out a little bit. I think.

    But this shows that there is no right or wrong way for right hand technique.  You gotta do what works for you.  I notice his ring finger follows every move …

  • Re: Neat Banjo video
    Santa always comes through! :santadance:

    I hope he doesn't shoot his eye out!  :wonky:

  • Re: Three Sultans of Swing
     I always liked that song , wish I could play it on my banjo  :two banjos:
Dec 122014

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Dec 112014

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Dec 102014

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  • Re: Annual Inoffensive Greeting
    Having Linus recite the Biblical passage about the birth of Jesus "smacks of religion"???

    If she's THAT GOOD at spotting

    >>> subtle clues <<<

     maybe the Department of Natural Resources should hire your unfriend to investigate th…

  • Re: Plush STP on Banjo
    Thanks for the guitar tab. I have only been playin about 1.5 yrs now. I think it would take me ages to tab it even with that guitar tab. My hope is that someone here will get inspiration from that awesome piece and tab her out for those of us tab-chall…
  • Re: Plush STP on Banjo

    That's good banjoin…

    You can post ah lot more of that..  :sm. bravo:

  • Re: Seasonal Lyrics for the parents
     :sm. bravo:  :excited:
Dec 092014

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Dec 082014

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  • Re: Annual Inoffensive Greeting
    A friend's daughter posted on facebook that she will not allow her children to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas because they bully Charlie Brown and it smacks of religion.  Really???  Does she not know WHY we celebrate Christmas???  Short of debating he…
  • Re: Built to last

    Holy BAT, Crapman!
    That's older than Mike Gr…
  • Seasonal Lyrics for the parents
    Sing THIS to the kids:

    Oh……You better WATCH OUT!

    You'd better not CRY

    You'd better not POUT

    I'm telling you why:

    Santa Claus is sick of your constant whining!"


  • Re: Annual Inoffensive Greeting
    In PERSON, it's "Merry Christmas."
    On the various forums (fora?), where some people are LOOKING to be offended,  it shall be the statement posted above.